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Since its founding MEGA National College has achieved excessive success in academic performance with outstanding result and recognition due to consolidating diverse skills, rich experiences, endeavors and visions of competent scholars and seasoned academicians. Stationed at the pleasingly calm atmosphere at Kumaripati, MEGA is fully committed to impart the quality education to accommodate the aspiration of the parents, students and the nation.
With the mission to make MEGA, a dream academia , we have been offering quality education with selfless and tireless efforts. MEGA is rich with the assets of highly experienced and professionally dedicated founder lecturers of all major subjects, committed and qualified faculty members and co-operative and industrious staff. Along with spacious and ventilated class rooms, MEGA owns its own land and building at the centre surrounded by other buildings in lease in about seven ropani land area. Well- equipped science labs of international standard,
computer lab, library and other sport courts are other important assets of MEGA.


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