+2 Special Law Program

Law is a reputed subject in the world. This field has become a good choice of many students and parents in Nepal now. It not only produces professionals in the field of Law, but also helps and individual to earn a huge prestige in the society. MEGA offers a Special Law program in +2 level with the following subjects.

Course Content 


Ÿ C. English 

Ÿ C. Nepali 

Ÿ General Principles & Theories of Law 

Ÿ Nepalese Legal System 

Ÿ Constitutional Law & the Nepalese Constitution


Ÿ C. English 

Ÿ Legal Drafting 

Ÿ Procedural Law 

Ÿ Civil Law & Criminal Law and Justice 

Ÿ Human Rights
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