Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Shah

To offer quality and time relevant education to students is our paramount objectives. We know that academic environment and sound physical infrastructure hold significant role in quality education. We are fortunate that we are rich in these areas. ln addition, we have strong will and dedication in academic sector with strong team of directors, faculties and staff. The whole process of educating the youth is changing rapidly around the globe, and demand for quality education is ever increasing. We, at MEGA dispense all our efforts to address the major concerns of shaping the young minds innovatively in a way that bring pride to the family, society and the nation. It’s my immense pleasure to announce that MEGA has highly dedicated and competent faculty members who apply their teaching pedagogy effectively in a familial environment and make students self-motivated in order to meet the global challenges of the century.

Dr. Ghanshyam Prasad Shah - Principal