+2 Special Law Program

MEGA offers Special Law for + 2 students. It is a highly demanded, prestigious, pragmatic and multidisciplinary subject. This field has become a good choice of many students and parents in Nepal now. This course develops logical and reasoning skills in the students so that they gain capacity to tackle any kind of complex situation. The law graduates have wide range of opportunities of jobs in diverse areas. MEGA offers a Special Law program in +2 level with the following subjects.
Course Content
Grade XI 
Compulsory Subjects 
Nepali [Nep.001]
English [Eng.003]
Social Studies [Sol.005] 
Optional Subjects (Any Three)
Jurisprudence and Legal Theories [Jlt.107]
Procedural Law [Prl.207]
Constitutional Law [Col.317]
Grade XII 
Compulsory Subjects 
Nepali [Nepl.002]
English [Eng.004]
Life Skill Education [Sol.006] 
Optional Subjects (Any Three) 
Nepalese Legal System [Nls.110]
Procedural Law/Legal Drafting [Prl.210]
Civil & Criminal Law and Justice [Ccl.320]