BBS Program

The objective of the Bachelor’s of Business Studies (BBS) programs is to develop students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity. BBS program at MEGA is of productive quality for generating competent personalities.

Admission Eligibility

Must have successfully completed +2 or equivalent education to get

admission in this program.

Course of Study 
First Year

Ÿ Business English

Ÿ Micro-Economics

Ÿ Principles of Management 

Ÿ Business Statistics

Ÿ Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning

Second Year

Ÿ Business Communication 

Ÿ Macro – Economics

Ÿ Cost & Management Accounting 

Ÿ Foundation of Human Resource

Ÿ Management Fundamentals of Marketing

Third Year 

Ÿ Business Environment & Strategy

Ÿ Business of Financial Management

Ÿ Business Law

Ÿ Taxation & Auditing

Ÿ Organizational Behavior

Fourth year

Ÿ Entrepreneurship & Enterprise

Ÿ Development 

Ÿ Concentration I

Ÿ Concentration II

ŸConcentration III

I. Business Research Method

II. Final Project

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