BCA Program

MEGA National College proudly offers BCA Program (Bachelor of Computer Application) affiliated to T.U. It is a 4 years (8 semesters) degree with an objective to produce qualified computer software developers having wide range of knowledge in the technical field. Students learn to solve computer based problems of different types of business and industries. Students completing their Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application are further eligible to study in any faculties which come under the Management and Information Technology such as M.C.A (Master of Computer Applications) and many more.
Admission Eligibility 
+2 graduates can get admission in this program after they pass Entrance Exam managed by Tribhuwan University.

Course of Study 

First  Semester 
Ÿ Computer Fundamentals and Applications 
Ÿ Society and Technology 
Ÿ English I 
Ÿ Mathematics I 
Ÿ Digital Logic

Second Semester 
Ÿ C Programming 
Ÿ Financial Accounting 
Ÿ English II 
Ÿ Mathematics II 
Ÿ Microprocessor and Computer Architecture

Third Semester 
Ÿ Data Structures and Algorithms 
Ÿ Probability and Statistics 
Ÿ System analysis and design 
Ÿ OOP in Java 
Ÿ Web Technology

Fourth Semester 
Ÿ Operating System 
Ÿ Numerical Methods 
Ÿ Software Engineering 
Ÿ Scripting Language 
Ÿ Database Management System 
Ÿ Project I

Fifth Semester

Ÿ MIS and E-Business 
Ÿ DotNet Technology 
Ÿ Computer Networking 
Ÿ Introduction to Management

Ÿ Computer Graphics and Animation

Sixth Semester
Ÿ  MIS and E-Business 
Ÿ DotNet Technology 
Ÿ Computer Networking 
Ÿ Introduction to Management 
Ÿ Computer Graphics and Animation

Seventh Semester
Ÿ Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 
Ÿ Cloud Computing 
Ÿ Internships 
Ÿ Elective I 
Ÿ Elective II

Eight Semester 
Ÿ Operations Research 
Ÿ Project III 
Ÿ Elective III 
Ÿ Elective IV

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