BBM Program

MEGA National College proudly offers BBM Program (Bachelor of Business Management) a four year program comprising 8 semesters divided over 120 credit hours. This course is designed in such a way that this can be cornerstone for aspiring business leaders and qualified managers of the future. 
Admission Eligibility 
+2 graduates can get admission in BBM program after they pass CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) taken by Tribhuwan University. 
Course of Content
First Semester
Ÿ Introductory Microeconomics 
Ÿ English I 
Ÿ Principles of Management 
Ÿ Business Mathematics I 
Ÿ Sociology for Business
Second Semester 
Ÿ Financial Accounting 
Ÿ Introductory Macroeconomics 
Ÿ English II 
Ÿ Business Mathematics II 
Ÿ Psychology
Third Semester
Ÿ Computer Based Financial Accounting 
Ÿ Business Communications 
Ÿ Basic Finance 
Ÿ Nepalese Society and Politics 
Ÿ Business Statistics
Fourth Semester 
Ÿ Accounting for Decision Making 
Ÿ Financial Management 
Ÿ Human Resource Management 
Ÿ Taxation in Nepal 
Ÿ Business Research Methods
Fifth Semester 
Ÿ Corporate Taxation In Nepal 
Ÿ Focus Area Course I
Ÿ Organization Behavior  
Ÿ Operations Management
Ÿ Legal Environment of Business 
Sixth Semester 
Ÿ Database Management 
Ÿ Focus Area Course II
Ÿ Business Environment In Nepal  
Ÿ International Business 
Ÿ Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Seventh Semester  
Ÿ Elective Course I
Ÿ Focus Area Course III
Ÿ Focus Area Course IV
Ÿ E-Commerce 
Ÿ Business Strategy 
Eighth Semester 
Ÿ Elective Course II
ŸElective Course III
Ÿ Focus Area Course V

Ÿ Project Report Writing / Internship 
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